УП Яс Спортс

УП Яс Спортс

Yas Sports is dynamic company offering upscale corporate travel and hospitality services.

Always striving to exceed expectations the company is consistently developing a reputation of thoughtful,  transparent and reliable hospitality provider.

We proud to cater most demanding  and sophisticated clients in CIS, Europe and Middle East.

We aim to provide unparalleled level of hospitality on major sports events around the Globe - such as Summer and Winter Olympics, UEFA and Champions League iconic football events, Ice hockey, Formula 1, Horse Racing, Euro League Final Four Basketball and Wimbledon tennis championship - just to name a few...

Constant aspiration for excellence is our style - we try to provide most authentic experience to every client. It does not mean just allocating best and sought-after tickets in exclusive locations such as executives boxes, paddocks and VIP-lounges but also providing polished collateral services - meeting in the airport, transfers, accommodation, dining and on-site ushering.

Yas Sports is headquartered in Dubai as a location of choice. Emerged on the crossroads between Europe and Asia and backed by ultra modern urban infrastructure this city becoming an ideal place to carry out international operations.

Everyone in Yas Sports understands - great first impression opens the door to consistent future cooperation. Thus we take every step to ensure your experience with us will be pleasurable - contract our services and we guarantee you will be delighted with our level of commitment.

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